I’m Kate. I teach entrepreneurs how to start + scale a profitable online business to build freedom and flexibility back into their lives.

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5 Pillar Etsy Success Formula

Join me for my free 60-minute Etsy success training class based on my signature 5 P system- the exact method I used to bring my shop to the top 1% on Etsy. In this masterclass, you’ll learn how to start and grow a profitable Etsy shop that brings in true, consistent revenue for years to come.


It wasn’t that long ago that I was a young mom, working two jobs, and completely burnt out...

My husband and I were missing each other at every turn - he’d get home from work right as I was leaving to clock in at mine.

I felt alllll the things- guilt for missing time with my babies. Exhaustion from the hustle. Discouragement that I was working to build someone else’s dream instead of my own. I KNEW deep inside that there had to be a better and more fulfilling way to live life.

I’d always been an “artsy” person and had heard of people selling their products online but went back and forth on if this could *really* work for someone like me. “Surely it’s too good to be true”. After all, I had NO online business experience, I felt like I was pretty amateur as a creator, and I had a million other things on my plate (keeping up with my son and daughter ALONE was a FULL-TIME job).

But something inside kept bringing me back to the idea of just giving this Etsy thing a try. So I finally did.

I researched, prayed, and clicked “Publish” on my first listing. And what do you know- a few weeks in I made my first official Etsy sale. (I’m pretty sure I’d never done a happy dance like that in my life). I continued to research, learn strategy, and implement tactics in my shop that optimized my listings to make more consistent sales each month.

Fast forward to today and we’ve grown that once-shaky and humble shop to the top 1% on Etsy + a multiple 6 figure business.

Etsy Success Guide

Overwhelmed at the thought of opening an Etsy shop? I got you, friend. Sometimes what you need most is a simple break-down of the “must-do” items that are truly important and will move the needle for your biz. Download my free Etsy success quickstart guide to give you action items to focus on when getting started on Etsy. This PDF guide will give you the most important steps to focus on when starting your shop and optimizing listings for sales.

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Digital Product Starter Guide

This guide is for those thinking of selling digital products online but need a starting point. Maybe you love the idea of being a digital product creator but need a simple explanation of the basics- things like digital design program features, file types, resolution, etc. This PDF guide is for YOU, my friend! It’ll walk you through the basics of selling digital products online from square one.

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Trend Elements Cheat Sheet

Identifying proven and predicted trends that you can incorporate into your products is a HUGE part of crafting irresistible listings to sell online. As a product seller, you need to identify at least a few specific trend elements that you can capitalize on to create products that’ll fly off the (virtual) shelves! But where do you even start and how do you know what types of trends to niche down on? Glad you asked 🙂 We’ve created this PDF cheat sheet that’ll give you 85 prompts for different trend elements to spark some ideas as you get started- grab it for free to get started NOW!

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Free Etsy Masterclass

5 Pillar Etsy Success Formula: On-demand, 60 minute masterclass that teaches my signature 5P method for growing + scaling an Etsy shop that brings in consistent revenue.

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Etsy Income Academy

Our comprehensive, A-Z Etsy success course for the Etsy seller that wants a complete, step by step system for starting and scaling a profitable Etsy business.

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Free Digital Products Training

Digital Product Powerhouse: On-demand 45-minute masterclass that walks through my proven 4-step system for earning passive income through selling digital products online.

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