Oh hey there! Iā€™m Kate :)

Mama to three free-spirited kiddos, lover of Jesus, creative entrepreneur and peppermint mocha fanatic.

As an online biz coach and passive income strategist who is passionate about financial freedom and genuinely cares for each and every entrepreneur as an ACTUAL PERSON, I'm here to simplify the process of creating and launching your online brand.

Burnt out, tired, and wishing there was a way to earn real income without having to clock in at a 9-5?

It wasn't that long ago that I was there too, friend.

I remember the countless, late-night convos venting to my hubby about feeling completely stuck at my job.

With this unquenchable entrepreneur bug inside, I hated having to clock in every day and grind for someone else while not having the opportunity to work towards my OWN dreams.

I also wanted, MORE THAN ANYTHING, the freedom to be able to stay home with my then toddler and baby- to be MOM and be present for every moment- every milestone.

I craved the kind of flexible lifestyle that I saw others with- the gift of being able to make real income from home while focusing on what was truly important to me.

So, one day I started. I just started - feeling totally unequipped, unskilled, and unprepared- I started my Etsy shop. Piece by piece, I built my business, learned and tweaked along the way, and grew to the top 1% of all shops on Etsy (mind blown!)

The business continued to grow and a few years into the journey, I made more in one month than I ever dreamed I could – 70K in 30 days.

I have been able to provide for my family, bring my husband home from his corporate job, hire a team, and give more than ever before...

All because of that humble little Etsy shop that I took a chance on years ago.

Now, I don't say all this to give you the impression that it's an overnight pill or magic formula. It's definitely NOT. It takes hard work, resourcefulness, determination, and consistency. But guess what, friend? It is POSSIBLE - I'm living proof.

I also say this to share WHY, after 8 years in the creative business world, I'm so. dang. determined to help YOU reach real success with your online brand. I know first-hand the way this kind of financial freedom can change a life and I won't stop until I help as many people as possible experience the same.


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Years of Coaching Experience

Things I love to do:

  • Create value-packed video content
  • Speak on podcasts
  • Teach in online summits
  • LIVE group coaching
  • Share my story
  • Teach in others' coaching groups

Topics I love to teach on:

  • Online business strategy
  • Starting + scaling a profitable Etsy shop
  • Digital Product Creation
  • Designing with Canva
  • Passive Income Revenue Streams
  • Email and Social Media marketing
  • Growing a freedom-based business
  • How to balance working from home with kiddos
  • Approaching entrepreneurship with a foundation of faith

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