Start + Grow the Digital Products Biz of Your Dreams and Make Passive Profit on YOUR Terms

ready for financial freedom?

What if you were able to take action now that would change the financial direction of your life?

It may sound too good to be true, but believe me- it's NOT. I'm living proof. Selling digital products online is not just a great way to make money. It's THE way to pave a clear path forward for financial freedom and a life of flexibility for years to come.


Starting a digital products business can be SO confusing.


You love the idea of making money from selling digital products online but...

  • The technical side of creating digital products is WAY intimidating. Terms like PDF, JPG, resolution, DPI, and aspect ratio have your head spinning before you even get started.
  • There are so many other people already selling digital products. The thought of even trying to compete and make sales is totally overwhelming.

It's time to get the answers you need.

can you imagine?

Being able to start your digital products business with complete confidence?


Actually being able to build the life you want (with the financial freedom you've dreamed of) by selling digital products online that are not only on-trend and in demand but created with top-level graphic design principles in mind and optimized to sell with a strategic online storefront? 

Not to mention being able to do all of it from the comfort of your couch on your own schedule. Be there for your kids. Work when you can fit it in. On vacation. In the car line. In your PJs if you want!

You make the rules. And you make PROFIT.

Without the fear of losing out...

  • NO MORE¬†wasting hours trying to piece things together with random YouTube videos and articles.

  • NO MORE¬†wondering if you're creating files in the right size, DPI, or file type (and crossing your fingers that the customer actually gets what they think they're purchasing!)

  • NO MORE missing out on quality time with your family and wondering if there could be something better that could make you money AND provide the time + flexibility you've wanted for so long.

- student love -

The breadth of material is outstanding! I can't say enough about how excited I am and recommend the program highly for anyone seriously thinking about selling digital products.

‚Äď Heather W.

It all starts here...

The roadmap you need to start making REAL money online

The solution you've been looking for is here, my friend. A comprehensive, step-by-step, PROVEN system for starting + scaling your online digital products shop. 

No more confusion, no more trial and error, just a beginner-friendly A-Z plan that works.


Inside the program, you'll learn both the CREATING side AND the SELLING side of rocking a profitable digital products business.

  • Discover what types of digital products there are and determine which is the right fit for you.
  • Finally understand¬†the "technical" side of digital products: file types, sizing, aspect ratios, resolution, etc. and how it all works for YOUR product type.
  • Learn the graphic design fundamentals that will up-level your products and make them look like they were created by a pro.
  • Learn Canva inside and out-¬†From starting a project, to working inside the editor, to advanced Canva design hacks and everything in between.
  • Follow along with¬†step-by-step product-specific tutorials for creating products like digital planners, Canva templates, printable wall art, seamless patterns, and more.
  • Compare multiple sales platforms and decide which is the right fit to set your shop up on.

"I went from feeling scattered to being inspired and having a clear picture."

"After completing the course, I now have the whole picture. Kate presented the information in an organized, logical, professional, yet fun way. I felt like I had an expert friend guiding me through the course. The modules are well laid out and easy to understand.

The modules include everything you need to be a successful digital products seller. The course teaches everything from what a digital product is, to graphic design, to creating and selling your products, and so much more!

I especially liked that with many of the lessons there were worksheets and informational PDFs to help further understanding. Fun Canva practice boards were even included!

I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to sell digital products. After completing Digital Products with Canva, I went from feeling scattered to being inspired and having a clear picture."

‚Äď Clare J., DPC Student
let's break it down

Here's what's waiting for you inside...

module 01

Digital Product Basics

In this module, we cover the foundations of a digital products business. Lessons include:

1. What are Digital Products?

2. Types of digital products

3. Image Types, File Types, + Resolution

4. Sizing + Aspect Ratios

5. Digital Product Elements

6. Canva Content Licensing

7. Third Party Content Licensing

8. Design Tools

9. Deciding Which Product to Sell


module 2

Graphic Design Techniques

This module teaches the must-know principles when it comes to graphic design. Lessons include:

1. Balance

2. Hierarchy

3. Alignment + Spacing

4. Color

5. Typography

6. Framing

7. Working with Photos

module 03

Canva 101

In this module, we learn how to navigate Canva, how the editor works, and what design tools are available to us. (This is where we basically become Canva pros ūüėČ) Lessons include:

1. Canva Plans

2. Initial Setup

3. Navigating the Canva Homepage

4. Starting a Project

5. Design Menu Introduction





10. Download Options

11. Canva Pro-only Tools

module 04

CREATING your products

Now that we know Canva, this module dives into deeper, more advanced design hacks as well as step-by-step tutorials for creating specific digital products. Lessons include:

1. Blurring, Masking, + Layering

2. Using Negative Space + Gradients

3. Working with Device Images

4. Canva Templates

5. Printable Wall Art

6. Seamless Patterns

7. Digital Planners

module 05

SELLING your products

Creating products is only the first part of the process- now we have to get them making SALES! In this module, we compare our top 3 recommended sales platforms: Etsy, Shopify, and Creative Market. Lessons Include:

1. Intro to Etsy

2. Etsy Sales Strategy

3. Intro to Shopify

4. Shopify Sales Strategy

5. Intro to Creative Market

6. Creative Market Sales Strategy

7. Creating + Using Mockups

module 06


You did it! This is where we celebrate the fact that you made it through all of the main modules of the course. We'll cover:

-A recap of what you've accomplished

-What your next steps are

-Moving onto the bonus module and using the templates vault

-Staying connected and further support opportunities

bonus module

Additional tutorials + trainings

Our bonus module houses additional lessons and tutorials- some by Kate and some by our pro-level guest experts. Lessons include:

1. Digital Planners using Adobe InDesign Part 1 (guest expert Lisa Siefert)

2. Digital Planners using Adobe InDesign Part 2 (guest expert Lisa Siefert)

3. Designing on Your iPad: Procreate Overview (guest expert Liz Kohler Brown)

4. Designing on Your iPad: Printable Quotes (guest expert Liz Kohler Brown)

5. Designing on Your iPad: Designs for Scrapbooking (guest expert Liz Kohler Brown)

6. Designing on Your iPad: Printable Art and Designs (guest expert Liz Kohler Brown)

7. Photo Presets using Adobe Lightroom: Intro (guest expert Stephanie Kase)

8. Photo Presets using Adobe Lightroom: DESKTOP presets (guest expert Stephanie Kase)

9. Photo Presets using Adobe Lightroom: MOBILE presets (guest expert Stephanie Kase)

10. Canva AI Tools (Kate Hayes)

11. Walk-Through Tutorial: Creative Fabrica (Kate Hayes)

12. Walk-Through Tutorial: Creative Market (Kate Hayes)

template vault

Ready-to-use templates

DPC students have access to our complete template vault which includes our original digital product templates for digital products including lead magnets, social media bundles, digital planners, checklists, workbooks, and more. Students have commercial rights to use the templates as a starting point to create products to sell.

- success stories -

Take it from our students...

"Taking the Digital Products with Canva course was a game changer! I'd been using Canva for the last five years and thought I already knew a lot about the platform. Boy, was I wrong! Kate teaches you things even experienced Canva users might not know about.

Learning about the different digital products you can make just in Canva alone within this course will help anyone looking to start a digital products shop or anyone who wants to streamline an already established business. The lessons are comprehensive and extremely helpful. This course is definitely worth your investment."

Stacy E. | DPC Student

"Digital Products with Canva is invaluable. Kate does an incredible job explaining every detail with such ease, clarity, and simplicity. 

The program is visually aesthetically pleasing to the eye, which kept my interest peaked and eager to move onto the next lesson.

Kate presents each lesson with concise verbiage that even a beginner like me can comprehend and understand.

Upon completion of this program, I feel completely capable to put my new found knowledge into action and start earning passive income by selling digital products."

Ashley F. | DPC Student

 "I bought this course on a whim knowing that I wanted to use Canva as my main graphic design tool. I'm so glad I did since it is AMAZING! As a busy mom of two wild boys, my time is very limited. I had NO idea how to get started and this course has given me so much clarity.

The teaching that Kate did was outstanding! I loved her approach and learned so much. This course contains very high quality content, and was delivered with passion and a genuine desire to present it in a way that everyone can understand. Extremely beginner friendly." 

Tiffany W. | DPC Student

bonus 01

Designing on your iPad: Procreate Series

4-Part Procreate series with guest expert, Liz Kohler Brown

In this four-lesson series, you'll learn how to create stunning designs on your iPad using the Procreate app. Lessons include a Procreate overview and step by step tutorials for creating scrapbooking designs, printable wall art, and printable quotes.

Value: $175


Liz Bio:

Liz Kohler Brown is a designer and letterer based in North Carolina who loves using vintage inspiration to create bold artwork for fabric and stationery.  Her work is vibrant, playful, and full of surprising combinations.  Her patterns and illustrations have been sold all over the world through online and in-person stores including Target, Hawthorne Supply Co., and Rocky Nook Publishing.

bonus 02

Creating Photo Presets in Adobe Lightroom

3-Part Lightroom preset series with guest expert, Stephanie Kase

In this three-part series, you will learn how to create Lightroom photo presets to sell. Lessons include an overview of creating presets using Adobe Lightroom and step by step tutorials for creating both desktop and mobile presets.

Value: $149


Stephanie Bio:

Stephanie is a business educator and content creator. She teaches product & service based business owners how to become visible online and to grow a business they truly love: One that makes an impact and serves the vision they have for their personal lives. She has served over 4,000 online students through her online courses and digital products, spoken at multiple conferences, and reached millions with her content online. Besides running her business, you can often find her cuddling her two Sheepadoodles, hanging out with her husband and twin girls, and drinking a chai latte.

bonus 03

Creating Digital Planners with Adobe InDesign

2-Part digital planner series with guest expert, Lisa Siefert 

In this two-part series, you will learn how to create a digital planner using Adobe InDesign. Lessons include a step by step tutorial on creating a full digital planner from start to finish.

Value: $149


Lisa Bio:

Lisa Siefert, founder of Pretty Fabulous Designs, is a planner designer and helps online businesses create pretty pages using Adobe InDesign. You can find her on her YouTube Channel at www.youtube.com/prettyfabulousdesigns

additional support

Student-Only Support Community

Instant, Lifetime Access to DPC Student Support Group

Get an added layer of support as you work through the course by becoming a member of our DPC student-only community group! Inside the group, you'll have the opportunity to get your questions directly answered by Team Hayes, join in on live Q+A sessions with Kate, and network with other students. 

Value: $199

ūüĎČūüŹľ¬†Optional $87 add-on



limited-time bonuses

Enroll today to get access to over $720 in bonuses!

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We KNOW the value of this program but also realize it's not right for everyone. If you get inside, try out some of the lessons, and realize it's not the right fit, simply request a refund within 7 days of purchase and we'll issue a full refund. No questions asked, nothing to prove, easy peasy.

We DO ask that you not be *that* person that goes in, watches and downloads all of the material and then asks for a refund. We can see that on our course platform and it's just icky. Lets be good people here ūüĎćūüŹľ

meet your teacher

Hey there! I'm Kate.

Your biggest fan and digital products biz coach :)

It wasn't that long ago that I was in YOUR shoes- wondering if I really had what it took to grow a successful online business. Wanting more free time with my family and breathing room in my finances but not knowing what step to take to get there.

I spent hours upon hours researching and figuring out how to create digital products through tedious, sometimes *painful* effort. Piecemealing things bit by bit. Trying to understand but still ending up confused because there was no A-Z program available to teach me how to do this whole digital products thing.

Well friend, I consider that journey a blessing because it led to the multiple 6-figure business I have today. AND I can now come alongside YOU to give you the shortcuts and make sure you don't have to go around the mountain like I did!

My heart is to see you to gain financial freedom so that you can focus on what's important in life. My mission is to get you creating and selling jaw-dropping digital products as quickly as possible. To make REAL money online with simple and sustainable systems (that are doable even for complete beginners!)

So what do ya say... ready to rock it?!

Want to know more?

Frequently Asked Questions

- success stories - 

More from our students...

"Digital Products with Canva was a fantastic step-by-step guide for me! Venturing through the course felt like a delightful journey into the realm of digital product design and marketing.

From understanding the intricacies of digital products and the power of design principles to honing skills on Canva and the Etsy platform, Kate's warm and engaging approach transformed complex topics into enjoyable learning experiences. 

What stood out was how Kate delved deep, showcasing real examples to highlight the nuances we need to consider when listing a product. I was impressed by her calm and clear communication style, which made me feel confident that I was fully equipped to navigate the digital market landscape.

What I personally relished was the hands-on experience of creating sample products guided by her tutorials. The process of creating patterns and a digital planner was incredibly enlightening!"

Hideko O. | DPC Student

"This course was a game-changer for me! It not only unlocked the full potential of Canva, but also taught me how to create stunning seamless patterns, Canva templates, digital planners, and digital art like a pro. The course also offered valuable tips and shortcuts to jumpstart my journey as a digital product creator and soon to be seller on Etsy just in time for the holiday season!

I especially loved how the content was presented in an easy-to-understand format, making it easy to create and sell digital products created in Canva. Plus the bonus modules opened my eyes to other tools and techniques beyond Canva, adding even more value to the course. I'm much more confident now and ready to start creating and selling my own digital products.

Overall I'm truly impressed with how comprehensive the course was and the added value Kate presented in the bonus tutorials and the ready to go template vault made this a very wise investment for my new digital business journey.

Maria G. | DPC Student

So, you ready friend?

Let me show you the way to...


  • Confidently create pro-level digital products that will have your ideal customer racing for their wallet + asking for more
  • Set up¬†+ strategically optimize your online shop to make consistent sales
  • Build a truly profitable online business that will change your life for the better

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